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Leading Hand Labeling Machines, Labels, Barcode Machines, Barcode Label printers, Barcode Scanners manufacturer and suppliers in Jaipur, Delhi, India etc. We offer range of Labeling Machines, labels and BarCode Labels, Printed labels, Jewellery Barcode labeling Machine, Our barcode machine scans with utmost precision, we have a range of BarCode Scanner, Economical BarCode Scanner, Barcode Printers, Portable Barcode Scanner etc. Shagun Enterprises was founded in the year 2001 by Mr. G. D. Agarwal, who is the Founder of the Company and from then the company tried its best to bring the price marking system by doing various analysis and studies to set the trend for all the latest labeling needs. Shagun is the leader which specializes in the vast world of labeling systems such as BLITZ - textile Consecutive / Sequential Labelers, Self Adhesive Labels, Bar Code Labels, Thermal Transfer Ribbons etc. That matches the highest international standards in quality and performance. In fact, we also provide Garment Accessories as Non woven / Woven Interlining, Foam Cups , Ring Adjusters, Mobilon Tape etc. We provide everything you need because Shagun feels - "The company that commits to learn from others is best able to make changes to itself."

Quality :-
At Shagun's Quality is cautiously nurtured at every stage of manufacturing. From conception to finally delivery, every product undergoes several quality tests. This comprehensive quality control system ensures that the customer gets the very best coupled with our reliable timely delivery services so that no work is hampered on either side at any stage and cost. The idea behind is "PLACE AND FORGET IT" and the constant challenge before us is to continue to manage the quality to your advantage i.e. maintaining it or preferably improving it. Our top pride lie on break through, innovation, aspiring for improvement & timely delivery. This clear vision along with focus on quality, creativity and reliability is the key to our outstanding success.

Customer care is often the only point of contact the carrier has with the customer & is often the responsible element. But Shagun Enterprises has been successfully offering better quality & better service to the customer, making it's way as one of the market leader in the country. Today Shagun Enterprises feels and promises to be to the pace of technological changes and to create an ability to anticipate to all after sales service solutions. When it comes to quality it shows in results & it is on our results that we are judged and we are proud of the long-term relationship we have developed with many of our clients. "People don't buy our products, services or ideas, they buy how they imagine using them."